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Pool Cover UK
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Swimming Pool Enclosure Design, Manufacturing and Installation; 6 Stages

Stage 1

An appointment for a site visit allows precise measurements and photos of the pool and its surrounds to be taken. All options are discussed and technical advice given while at the site.

Stage 2

Once a firm price is agreed, technical drawings and plans are prepared. Advice is given on any possible planning permission concerns. Should such permission be necessary, we will offer to act as your agent with the local planning authority.

Stage 3

Once an initial deposit is taken and the installation date agreed, plans are sent with your order to the factory, for your custom-made building to be constructed by the Belgian engineers.

Stage 4

Your building is carefully wrapped and packaged for transport from the factory to the site, to arrive at the agreed time.

Stage 5

The lorry and our installation team arrive simultaneously for assembly of the telescopic building over your pool, usually completed in just one day.

Stage 6

Your pool building is temporarily but firmly fixed to the ground using stainless steel fixtures. Our team explain the operation of our easy-to-use telescopic building to you, hand over the guarantee and care instructions with after sales information, and once the installation is complete, full payment is received.