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 Why Have a Telescopic Pool Building?

  • allows the flexibility of enclosing your swimming pool during the winter or opening up the pool area during the better summer weather, therefore giving you all year-round all weather usage of your pool.
  • provides swimming pool safety for children and animals,
  • protects your pool from dirt and debris, reducing swimming pool maintenance costs
  • reducing heating costs by keeping the water temperature 10 – 12 °C higher.
  • no swimming pool ventilation problems as doors can be opened or the whole cover moved aside.

The following seven important points come provided as standard with a Poolcover building are:

1 Safety:

  • Durable and reliable components. No glass! For example aluminum, methacrylate, polycarbonate, and stainless steel fasteners
  • Safety locks on all door,
  • No guide rails on the floor avoiding potential trip hazards


2 Quality:

  • Custom designed extrusions for pool enclosures with a thermo lacquer finish in a choice of colors.
  • All components such as the extrusions, the polycarbonate roof, end glazing, stainless steel anchor bolts and nylon wheels are factory guaranteed.

3 Design Versatility:

  • Wall mounted, side on or end on have to be made to measure to suit your site and make the most of your unique pool area

4 Efficiency

  • The thermal pool cover provides substantial heating economy through the greenhouse effect, and reducing chemical use, saving time and money.

5 Large range of buildings:


  • Swimming pool buildings are made to measure, so there is no published standard price list, but lower specification buildings cost typically between £3,000 - £19,000, whilst higher specification domestic buildings costing approximately £18,000 to £90,000 with all options.

6 Simple installation process (in 6 stages):

  • Stage 1 : a site visit allows precise measurements and photos of the pool and its surrounds to be taken.
  • Stage 2 : Once a firm price is agreed, technical drawings and plans are prepared.
  • Stage 3 : Once an initial deposit is taken and the installation date agreed, plans are sent with your order to the factory.
  • Stage 4 : Your building is carefully wrapped and packaged for transport from the factory to the site, to arrive at the agreed time.
  • Stage 5 : The lorry and the installation team arrive simultaneously for assembly of the telescopic building over your pool, usually completed in just one day.
  • Stage 6 : Your pool building is firmly fixed to the ground using stainless steel fixtures and the team explains the operation of the easy-to-use telescopic building to you.

7 Optional Extras

Who to Choose?

Pool Cover - Swimex Ltd is the sole factory distributor of Pool Cover SA (one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of telescopic pool buildings) has manufactured 1000’s of telescopic pool buildings over the last 15 years in UK, all individually tailored to their client’s needs.