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Chris Elliot
Pool Cover UK
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Chris was born in Wimbledon and brought up in the Channel Islands. He became an aircraft sales manager in the UK in his early 20s and by 1974 he was UK Sales Manager for the Fox Pool Corporation of York, Pennsylvania under Brian McLaughlin.

Subsequently, Chris became the French agent for Plastica in France where he lived until 1998, gaining experience of pool liner and cover manufacturing. He has worked with swimming pool dealers for the last 30 years.

In 1998, Chris contacted Eureka in France prior to returning to the UK and obtained the distributorship from the Belgian company Pool Cover SA, part of the Eureka Group at that time.

Chris set up his own first Telescopic Pool Building Company in Oundle, Northants, in 1998 whilst his children were attending the local school there. By 2001 Chris was collaborating with a salesman affiliated with Pool Cover SA, and they formed Eureka Pool Covers Ltd., with Chris as Managing Director transferring his assets and know-how into this new Company, which then became the UK Distributor for Pool Cover SA..

In April 2005 however, Chris’ co-director split away from Pool Cover SA, so Chris is now the sole director of Pool Cover UK, with a dynamic, friendly new team who will be happy to hear from you.