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Swimming Pool Space Heaters

The standalone domestic swimming pool building space heater provides about 35kW of warm air and is constructed almost totally out of stainless steel. Heater colour can be adapted to your pool enclosure.

Cooler outside air is drawn into the heater's burner and then the internal and powerful fan drives the air into the pool area, warmed to about 30°C, through an external outlet grill we affix to your building.

Space heaters for Commercial telescopic pool buildings usually require twice the power output of a domestic installation, these are either made up of two or more domestic outside heaters or one large heater (such as the red "Jumbo" model) which, if installed outside, requires it's own small building to protect it from the elements.

All our heaters run on a choice of natural gas, propane or fuel oil and require a minimum of electricity supply [for the fan and circuit boards].

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