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Domestic Telescopic Pool Cover; Low Profile

You may prefer a more discreet swimming pool building and so consider one of our lower telescopic pool cover as an option, at any height from 60cm upwards on the smallest bay, for example 60cm, 90cm or 120cm. On the tallest bay, the roof is about 45cm to 60cm higher.

When the low pool building is closed it provides swimming pool safety for children and animals and prevents debris, leaves, etc. entering the water. The solar effect of the cover helps raise the water temperature to a comfortable swimming environment, particularly in the colder months.

You can swim underneath a low building whilst remaining in a discreet garden environment visually. The retractable pool cover can be motorised and is supplied with sliding doors and tip-up fascia when desired.

If you have a very tight pool cover budget then you might like to consider our sister company Babydome Pool covers.

Kent 60cm

Hants 60cm

Hants 60cm

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