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Walcourt Community Telescopic Pool Enclosure


An open air swimming pool for everyone to enjoy the sunshine, but one that can be covered very easily using a simple remote control, a spacious, aesthetically appealing, practical cover, so useful in our climate. This is what the communal swimming baths in Walcourt chose when they approached Pool Cover, the world leader in this type of swimming pool covers. With more than 4000 private pools equipped in 20 years, Pool Covers’ experience speaks for itself. The strengths of this Belgian company are listening and advising, its quality and specialist know-how and even on a grand scale.

Without the slightest hesitation Rudy Lange, Pool Covers’ director, accepted the Walcourt challenge; to cover such a large communal swimming bath, quite a different adventure to the well worn path of covering pools for the home. But for Super Structure projects like this one, 30 Pool Cover professionals have been working on it since 2003. This project took 18 months, although the average time nower days for constructing a new super structure cover is between 3 and 6 months, including just 15 days for the final assembly, like here.

The Pool Cover specialists organise the construction site quickly but meticulously. All the elements needed for the construction of a self-supporting cover, 33m by 20m, have been unloaded around the pool. Advanced technology demands high quality materials. For the roof Pool Cover uses polycarbonate sheets with translucent honeycomb structure, they have an anti UV treatment and are 250 times more resistant than glass. The side walls are polycarbonate glazing which is 4 times lighter than glass. All the materials used by Pool Cover more than comply with the applicable safety standards. The telescopic cover will be assembled in stages, the elements being enclosed one inside the other to cover the swimming pool on both sides.

There’s not a single rail along the side, the structure is self supporting thanks to a system of sleeves and rollers which guide the glazed walls over the ground, a major feature for both safety and aesthetics. Once the elements are in place caps are fitted on the uprights by simply by clipping them on, a neat but important finishing touch, since brushes have been fitted along the whole length to ensure maximum ceiling. Not only wind proof but also dust proof, keeping out leaves and dust in general. It should be noted that these Super Structure covers are been equipped with automatically controlled natural ventilation, its purpose is the immediate removal of chloramines, harmful chemical gasses that accumulate in the air from the chlorine in swimming pools in confined spaces.

Once undercover, the swimming pool is then in a well protected and easily accessible environment. You enter through the fixed part of the structure which is equipped with side doors and wide doors with anti-panic type openings. It should also be noted that the pentagonal structure means that swimmers can stand upright wherever they are. A triangular structure is also available for the Super Structure Pool Covers. The lightness of the structure means that it only takes 2 people to handle the elements. Of course all the covers of this type are equipped with an automatic opening and closing system, a single remote control articulates all the covers’ 16 elements, and it can all be done in just a few minutes. And here it is!

The municipality of Walcourt very quickly appreciated the benefits of Pool Cover technology; the pool can be used all year long instead of just a couple of months a year, cleaner water is easier to maintain, there’ve been remarkable energy savings since the pool’s water benefits from tthe greenhouse effect around it and its temperature is increased by nearly 10°C. Finally the security of the pool, due to its limited access, is also worth remembering. A new era has begun for everyone in Walcourt, thanks to this Pool Cover super structure concept.