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Wells School Telescopic Pool Enclosure 


Welcome to Pool Cover; the leading manufacturer in telescopic pool cover solutions, for both residential and commercial customers.
Let me ask you some very important questions;

  • Would you like to be able to use your pool all year round?
  • Would you like to increase your revenues by being able to keep your pool open all year?
  • Is your pool in need of restoration?
  • Would you like to reduce your heating and pool cleaning costs?
  • Would you like to improve pool security?

If the answer is yes to all or any of these, then Pool Cover International has the answer, and for only a fraction of the price of the cost of a traditionally constructed building.
The key features of our pool cover solutions are;

  • Constructed in the factory, cutting down time on your site and ensuing consistently high standards of mechanical integrity when constructed.
  • Designed and manufactured specifically to suit your site in virtually any width, length or height.
  • Child locks on all doors and optional anti-panic emergency doors.
  • Minimum of maintenance.
  • Easy to open and close, as and when required by the weather.
  • Available either in a solar charged, motorised or manually operated version.
  • There are no tracks or rails on the ground, therefore no tripping hazards or dirt traps, it simply runs on wheels.
  • Additional options include: changing rooms, showers, WC, heaters, heater rooms, storage cabinets and privacy glazing where required.
  • You can place the doors where you want them.
  • Colour to suit your surroundings.
  • All Pool Cover buildings come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Pool Cover provides a turnkey package of full pool renovation if required. Whether it’s new slabbing, filtration, water heating, air treatment or new pool interiors.

The following presentation shows an installation of our Pool Cover solution taking place at the prestigious 1000 years old Wells Cathedral School in Wells, Somerset. Wells Cathedral School is surrounded by listed buildings, so the planning requirements would dictate a fairly low pitch practical solution to covering the pool, which we can, and did, satisfy.

As you can clearly see the pool is full of leaves, it’s difficult to maintain and it cannot be used all year round. Wells Cathedral School wanted their pool to be available for use all year round, not just for the pupils but also for the local community. They also wanted to improved pool security and reduce their maintenance costs without the need to spend a vast sum of money, or cause major disruption to the school. The first thing that happens is that Pool Cover International work closely with the school technical staff on the specifications. Then Pool Cover, in conjunction with the school, will organise a delivery schedule that maximises safety and practic ability, in school half term for example, when the school is empty. The lorries carrying all the components of the Pool Cover are arriving in a pre-determined sequence. The components of the Pool Cover are being unloaded from the lorries, ready to be transported to the pool area. Health and safety is a priority for Pool Cover International, so to in order to move the sections safely to the pool area a forklift truck or crane may be used, depending on the space available. Here, you can see the roofing section being laid out across the pool and the other components, including the side panels and privacy panels, being laid out by side of the pool. Then work commences and the skilled team of installers start by connecting each of the side sections with each of the roofing sections. On the larger buildings the panels can be very heavy and it takes a number of people to help lift these sections in place, often where access allows a crane is used. This continues, until finally, as you can see, the outer shell of the Pool Cover building is complete. The next phase is to install the privacy panels to stop people from the outside looking into the changing rooms. Finally the deck and swimming pool are cleaned. ready for operation. The control unit for the Pool Cover has an open, close and automatic button, plus a stop button. There is also a security feature to prevent unauthorised operation. The Pool Cover can be opened or closed by only one person using the automatic button. The Pool Cover can be fully open, fully closed or partly open dependant on the weather.

Now let’s hear from the head of Wells Cathedral School.
“We’re delighted to have this Swimex Pool Cover, because it means that a really good facility for the school can now be used for the whole year, instead of for only half the year. It’s enabled us to maximise our use of that facility, which actually we’ve had at the school for 25 years. As a size of pool it meets our needs very well but we’ve only got partial use from it. I think the most exhilarating thing for the children at the school is the sense that they will be able to swim all year round. Obviously it makes handling the pool a lot easier for our staff, because the debris won’t get into the pool in the same way. It’s in a lovely shady area with trees, it’s a nice natural setting  in one of the very old parts of the school but that has disadvantages in terms of leaves and that kind of thing, so it’ll be much easier to maintain now. The fact that it will be available all year round means we can extend our use for the wider community as well, which is excellent, because we depend, at Wells, very much on our place in the whole community, and to be able to allow people to use it all year round, not just in the summer, is going to be tremendous. So for all these reasons, and probably for a lot that we haven’t spotted yet, we are really pleased with this Swimex Pool Cover. One of the facilities that it gives us is, of course, is the fact that we can still use it as an outdoor pool, because amazingly when we started to talk about covering the pool, I found I got little declarations from the children saying ‘we’re the only school we know that still has an outside pool and in the summer it’s lovely’ and the Swimex device, which means that we can open the pool cover, and I’ve seen it today and you really can open it fully, is going to mean that we can get the sense of an outdoor facility when the weather is nice. So we’ve got the best of both worlds and we’re absolutely delighted with it.”

So if you want to use your pool all year round, increase your revenues, improve pool security or reduce your heating and maintenance costs without the need to spend a vast sum of money or cause serious disruption to you school or business. Then there is only one option, and that’s a Pool Cover Solution from Pool Cover International. Call our experienced team today and find out how we can help you with your pool requirements, call 0800 804 8025 or visit our website at www.poolcover.co.uk.